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Endorsed Candidates

Mass Alliance endorses candidates who request our endorsement and who have a clear record of supporting our values.

2015 Municipal Pipeline Candidates

Mass Alliance is proud to support these pipeline candidates at the municipal level for this upcoming election cycle:

Lynn City Council-At-Large:

Brian LaPierre

Boston City Council District 5:

Jean-Claude Sanon

Worcester City Council-At-Large:

Khrystian King

Greenfield City Council-At-Large:

Karen “Rudy” Renaud

Springfield City Council Ward 6:

Kim Rivera

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brian lapierre.jpg

Brian LaPierre

Lynn City Council-At-Large

The LaPierre Committee
PO Box 8238
Lynn, MA 01904



Mass Alliance is proud to support Brian LaPierre for Lynn City Council-At-Large in the 2015 municipality. Having worked in education and social services for decades, Brian understands what the residents Lynn really need from their elected officials, and he has a progressive vision for the future. He believes in holding elected officials to a high standard of accountability, and he really promotes accessible public engagement on multiple levels.

Brian LaPierre has been active in the Lynn community his whole life, as he was educated in Lynn Public Schools before graduating from Salem State College with a bachelor's degree in Political Science, and he currently resides in Lynn with his wife and two sons. Brian has worked with various youth organizations and has served as a Lynn teacher, and he now works as a political organizer for American Federation of Teachers Massachusetts.

This experience in education has led him to develop a vision for safer streets, better schools, and an economic development plan that strengthens the entire Lynn community- namely, ensuring affordable property taxes for all his residents. His work with various state officials has built him a network of influence that reaches beyond the City of Lynn, and he plans to use these relationships as platforms for promoting the real needs of his all of constituents. Brian knows that standing on progressive values really means speaking with and listening to those members of his community whose voices are heard the least and whose concerns are seldom acknowledged.


jean claude sanon.jpg

Jean-Claude Sanon

Boston City Council District 5

1580 Blue Hill Ave
Mattapan, MA 02126



Mass Alliance is proud to support long-time political activist and community organizer Jean-Claude Sanon for Boston City Councilor District 5. A father and grandfather, Jean-Claude understands the need for adequate public school funding, affordable healthcare for folks of all ages, access to good job training and capital for small businesses, and smarter, more effective approaches to public safety. Jean-Claude believes that these policy changes- combined with a continued commitment to promoting civic engagement among young progressives- can really make his district flourish as a diverse community and respond to the needs of even some of his most historically-marginalized constituents.

Born in Haiti, Jean-Claude Sanon has been living in Boston since arriving here at the age of 16. He graduated from Boston English High School before earning a degree in Computer Sciences from Newbury College, and he has since studied history, political science, law, management, and art at the University of Massachusetts in Boston, Cambridge College, and Suffolk University.

After more than two decades working in American private firms and Haitian social institutions, Jean-Claude Sanon has been delivering constituent services and directing his own business that provides immigration legal services- all while still serving as a board member of progressive organizations such as the Union Minority Neighborhood, Caribbean Political Action Committee, Haitian American United, and the Mattapan Economic Development Initiative. He has been registering voters in underserved communities for decades, and his work delivering constituent and immigration services has catalyzed an local emerging electorate of largely progressive young voters.


khrystian king.jpg

Khrystian King

Worcester City Council-At-Large

Campaign Facebook

Khrystian King is a social worker with over 20 years of leadership experience in the Worcester community. From his work with SEIU Local 509 to his 18-year investment in running the Crompton Park Summer Basketball League, Khrystian really knows what his people need from those who represent them and has dedicated himself to deep community engagement for decades.

Khrystian is bold and thoughtful when it comes to finding solutions for issues facing the Department of Children and Families, often advocating for youth who are denied various educational and social opportunities. In a climate of racial divisiveness in Worcester, Khrystian is running to bring voice to the voiceless and turn this city council seat into a platform for progressive values.

Khrystian first ran for office in 2013 when he sought the legislative seat formerly held by Representative John P. Fresolo in Worcester. This election season, Khrystian has the support of four out of five state representatives in Worcester- John J. Mahoney, Daniel M. Donahue, Mary S. Keefe, and James O’Day.


rudy renaud.jpg

Karen "Rudy" Renaud

Greenfield City Council-At-Large

64 Munson St.
Greenfield, MA 02126



Mass Alliance is proud to support Greenfield’s Rudy Renaud, current Precinct 7 Town Council Member and Town Council Vice President, for City Council At-Large in the 2015 municipality. Rudy's deep understanding of and progressive vision for Greenfield is rooted in her ten years of experiences as a community organizer with the labor movement- currently, Rudy serves as the Organizing Director for SEIU Local 888.

Rudy was born and raised in Lowell Massachusetts before moving to Greenfield in 2005, where she now lives with her wife. Long-time community advocate, Rudy has used her position in Town Council since 2011 to fight for progressive values and diverse communities- including, through her work with SEIU Local 888 and her volunteering at the Warming Center, Service Net, and Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Rudy’s experience in labor organizing and in local LGBTQ activism has really complemented her legislative work, and she has demonstrated her commitment to progressive politics on multiple levels. Rudy knows what her constituents need from those who serve them and she is ready to represent folks whose voices are often missing from local legislature.


kim rivera.jpg

Kim Rivera

Springfield City Council Ward 6

75 Pomona Street
Springfield, MA 01108

Kim Rivera is a community activist who has worked behind the scenes on many of Springfield’s best political campaigns and initiatives over the past several years. Kim is running for Ward 6 City Councilor this election season, and she is ready to be the bridge the gap between the residents of Springfield and their elected officials.

Kim has personally experienced the struggles of poverty as a single mother of three, and she is determined to help others break the cycle of hunger, embarrassment, and loneliness that plagues so many folks in the community. Kim will work to broaden opportunities for all Springfield residents, and she has already begun to build relationships with law enforcement in order to better integrate and the community. She currently works in the Springfield Public Schools and is a Home Health Care Aid, helping to support individuals with developmental disabilities live independent and fulfilling lives.

Solving problems and building consensus is not new for Kim, who overcame homelessness and seemingly impossible barriers to raise three successful children. One of her children, Amaad Rivera, is the former Ward 6 Councilor and his work inspired Kim to view herself as someone who could run and win. Kim is truly in touch with what her community needs from its elected officials, and she has demonstrated time and time again her dedication to responding to the concerns of folks with all different identities and experiences.