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Making the Legislature More Progressive

In every election cycle since Mass Alliance began work in 2006, we have successfully elected progressive candidates from across the Commonwealth. By mobilizing our members and the progressive community to support champions and provide direct support for their campaigns, we have ensured that each incoming class of legislators includes a majority of progressives. We are making steady gains toward a progressive majority:

  • 2006 - We gain three more pro-choice seats, five new votes for equal marriage, and three champions for economic justice.
  • 2007-08 - In special elections across the state, winning candidates are more progressive than the incumbents they replace.
  • 2008 - We net five additional progressives in the House, including some who replace some of the most conservative members.

Broadening the Coalition

We are continually broadening our alliance. Since our creation in 2006, we have added three new member organizations - Coalition for Social Justice, Sierra Club Massachusetts, and Coalition for New American Voters. These new members bring expertise and commitment in economic justice, environmental protection, and immigrant rights. They also add grassroots membership and campaign muscle to our alliance.

Building Progressive Infrastructure

Throughout our history, we have continued to assess the base from which we build progressive power. We design programs to meet the needs of the progressive community and build a shared infrastructure to accomplish progressive public policy. Our campaign manager, candidate recruitment, leadership development and training work are all making the progressive community stronger.