617 722 4320 P.O. Box 20238 Worcester, MA 01602 02108
617 722 4320 P.O. Box 20238 Worcester, MA 01602 02108

Deb Hall

Mass Alliance is excited to name Deb Hall as a 2021 Rising Star for Worcester City Council At-Large. 

Deb was born the only girl of 7 to a mixed-race, working-class family. Her parents met in Germany while her father was in the armed service, and had to travel back to get married because interracial marriages were illegal in Missouri. Her mother was an advocate in women’s prisons, and her father, a minister, taught their children the importance of public service and standing up for what’s right. Many of her brothers served in the military and went on to become police officers. These values helped to shape Deb’s worldview and continue to guide her work.

She began her career as an investigator in a prosecutor’s office and advocated for people struggling with substance abuse to get treatment and care. She then began working with survivors of domestic violence, connecting them with resources and helping them navigate the court system. Deb managed an emergency shelter for survivors of domestic violence and their children, working tirelessly to lift up families in crisis.

Deb earned a Master’s degree in Nonprofit Management from Worcester State and has led and managed several programs that provide emergency shelter, housing, education, employment services, and substance abuse treatment. Currently, Deb serves as Director of Domestic Violence Services at the YWCA of Central Massachusetts.

Deb has served on numerous boards and is active in the Worcester community. She is a member of the Mass Audubon Society, board member of the Worcester Eastside CDC, a commissioner on the City of Worcester’s Advisory Committee on the Status of Women, board member of the YWCA of Central Massachusetts, and board member of Jane Doe Inc. A lover of arts, culture, and history, she is the founder of the Worcester Black History Project and is actively involved in preserving Worcester’s history through the Worcester Historical Museum.