617 722 4320 P.O. Box 20238 Worcester, MA 01602 02108
617 722 4320 P.O. Box 20238 Worcester, MA 01602 02108

Lydia Edwards

Website: LydiaEdwards.org

Facebook: @LydiaforBoston

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Lydia Edwards is currently a Candidate for District 1 Boston City Councilor. The district encompasses the neighborhoods of East Boston, the North End and Charlestown.
Lydia Edwards is a proven leader and innovator who gets results. As an attorney she drafted and passed legislation to protect women workers and led a department of city government on the day-to-day issues facing Bostonians in housing and economic development.

As a homeowner and landlord, Lydia understands the hard work and sacrifice it takes to build a home in this district. She wants to assure our children have pathways to stable jobs, home ownership, and are able call Boston their home in the future. Lydia’s mother, a veteran, instilled in Lydia a sense of service to her community. Today, Lydia is one of the founding members of East Boston’s Community Soup Kitchen.

Lydia lives with her husband, a small business owner, in East Boston and looks forward to using her innovative leadership to ensure opportunity, good schools, safe streets, and a strong local economy for the communities of East Boston, Charlestown and the North End.