617 722 4320 P.O. Box 20238 Worcester, MA 01602 02108
617 722 4320 P.O. Box 20238 Worcester, MA 01602 02108

Steve Winslow

Website: www.WinslowForMalden.com

Facebook: WinslowForMalden Group

Twitter: @Winslow4Malden

Contact: 781-783-2835

We all know that home is where the heart is. That is why Steve, his wife Helen, daughters, and granddaughters have made Malden their home for more than 25 years. They love this city and it’s rich history while looking forward to its bright future. For Steve and his family, that meant investing more than 20 years of passion, experience, and problem-solving to create a bike path through the heart of Malden for generations of kids, families, and seniors to enjoy. It meant working together with the community, educators, and fellow School Committee members to rebuild vocational programs in the Malden Public Schools to give kids a pathway to better-paying jobs. It meant fighting to create safe streets and parks on the Open Space Committee; regardless of whether residents were walking, biking, or driving to protect our kids, families, and seniors.

To put it simply, Steve cares. He cares that there are people struggling in this city, dreading the arrival of the next bill, knowing there is never enough affordable housing. As a member of SEIU 888, he cares whether our working families are getting paid fair wages and getting the support they deserve. He cares that we have to worry about safe water and whether our pipes are free from lead. He cares that the people of Malden feel their voice is being heard by the City Council on development, open space, and traffic issues. That is why he wants to bring his passion, experience, and community focus to the City Council as your next Councillor-at-Large.