Working with our members we:

  • Provide leadership for the progressive community
  • Cultivate and empower progressive leaders
  • Train local champions to run successful campaigns for progressive policies and political office

Support Progressive Values


Mass Alliance is a coalition for political and advocacy organizations that work together to build a progressive Massachusetts. Our member organizations have a diverse range of priorities, including:

  • Civic Participation
  • Civil Rights
  • Economic Justice
  • Education
  • Environmental Protection
  • Healthcare
  • Reproductive Rights
  • Workers’ Rights

By working together, the members of Mass Alliance create a community of shared values. Our cooperation enhances our ability to build progressive power around our priority issues. Mass Alliance provides leadership for the progressive community. By developing relationships among the broadest spectrum of progressive interests, Mass Alliance builds unity around progressive policy and candidates for state office. This collaboration enables us to make strategic decisions about where our resources will have the most impact toward winning a progressive Massachusetts. Mass Alliance cultivates and empowers progressive leaders. Our leadership development programs build the team that will advocate for and implement progressive policy. We train activists to be leaders of grassroots campaigns. We work with local progressive champions to become candidates and continue to support their development and advancement when they become elected officials. Mass Alliance makes the difference between progressives winning or losing their elections. We endorse candidates for the State House who support all the priorities of the coalition members, and we prioritize races where we can make the most difference. Working with the Mass Alliance PAC, we provide support for progressive candidates and their campaigns. Together, we:

  • Work with endorsed candidates to help them run successful grassroots campaigns and communicate effectively about progressive values.
  • Mobilize and coordinate the electoral programs of member organizations in support of our endorsed candidates.

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We Get Results

  • Thank you to Mass Alliance for providing the training and skills I needed to run and WIN a Boston City Council campaign! YAHOO!

    Gabriela Coletta
  • The Mass Alliance training was one of the most inspiring and motivating weekends of my life – I think about it all the time, and I 100% credit our victory to what I learned that weekend.

    Ben Ewen-Campen
    Somerville Aldermen
  • I am proud to announce I have been named a Rising Star by Mass Alliance! Since 2006, Mass Alliance has been a powerhouse for political advocacy to build a progressive Massachusetts. They work tirelessly to improve voting rights, economic justice, healthcare and reproductive rights, and climate advocacy all across Massachusetts. I am so inspired by the…

    David Eppley
    Salem City Council, At Large
  • Hi Jordan and Becca, Just a note of thanks for the training I received in Worcester on March 11-12, 2017. The election for Brookline School Committee was May 2, 2017. We had 4 candidates for 3 seats and I topped the ticket!! I had lots of help including Max Parish, campaign manager, and my son,…

    Suzanne Federspiel
    Brookline School Committee 2017
  • So excited to have had your support! I still can’t believe the margin. You made my GOTV game strong!

    Sabrina Heisey
    Dracut School Committee 2017
  • Attending Mass Alliance’s campaign training was probably the best decision I made as a candidate. Our team did everything we were instructed to do and know that we were victorious because of it.

    Rep. Jack Lewis
    Seventh Middlesex
  • I had never run for elected office before. Mass Alliance helped me plan and prepare to run with confidence and win. Even if you are planning to run years from now, starting to prepare today is important. Mass Alliance can help.

    Sen. Jason Lewis
    5th Middlesex
  • No matter what role I am playing on a campaign, the campaign manager training has given me the knowledge and skills to understand and execute the type of campaigns that ensure progressives win.

    Krista Zalatores
    Campaign Manager
  • Getting ready to run for office is a thrilling and challenging time. If there is anything I’ve learned from a successful campaign, it’s that you can’t do it alone. Mass Alliance will give you the best advice out there about how to run a successful campaign.

    Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz
    2nd Suffolk

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