Amber Hewett

Amber Hewett is a progressive environmental activist running for State Representative in the 1st Essex district.


Amber’s professional career has been defined by two fierce passions: environmental protection and civic engagement. Early in her time at the National Wildlife Federation (NWF), Amber found herself drawn to the organization’s Campaign for Offshore Wind Power. Having grown up in Massachusetts, she recalled a debate over the resource that had been playing out for much of her life, and was shocked to learn that, while offshore wind power accounted for a booming global clean energy industry with thousands of turbines spinning worldwide, not a single one stood in U.S. waters. She moved back to Newburyport to devote more of her time to changing the region’s energy story and seizing this untapped potential. 


Work with decision-makers in Massachusetts has been a consistent thread throughout Amber’s career, while offshore wind power advocacy has put her to work in State Houses all along the Atlantic Coast. Over the years, she has sharpened her skills as an advocate: collaborative perseverance toward a shared goal. She played an integral role in passing the Commonwealth’s Act to Promote Energy Diversity in 2016, carrying the nation’s largest offshore wind power commitment to date, and has since advocated successfully for offshore wind policies in Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey. Following the bill’s passage in Massachusetts, Amber has stayed closely involved in its implementation, and in strengthening its provisions to keep up with the growth of the industry and the scale of our energy challenges. 


Since returning to live in Newburyport, Amber’s love for the communities that have been home to her family for four generations has only grown deeper. For years, she has dreamed of one day representing this district, and doing her part to help ensure that we are represented on Beacon Hill with visionary, proactive, and principled leadership. She is equipped with the skills needed to effectively serve as State Representative and is guided by an unwavering commitment to doing our part in helping rise to the most pressing challenges of our time.


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