Bri Nichols

Bri Nichols is a 2021 Mass Alliance Rising Star Candidate for Brockton City Council. 

Coach Bri Nichols is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, business consultant and accountability coach. Coach Bri was born in Massachusetts and raised in Georgia. After moving back to Brockton, Massachusetts at 15, Coach Bri became a teen parent; and was also homeless during that time. As a homeless teen parent, Coach Bri became very resourceful and most importantly, learned to advocate appropriately for herself and child. During the journey to stability, Coach Bri overcame many challenges and became resilient because of them.

Coach Bri has volunteered many hours serving the community of Brockton, including, founding a nonprofit youth volunteer organization during the COVID-19 pandemic. The organization is Resilient Roses Respite Corp (RRR) which offers several free programs for the youth including a debate group teaching communication skills, sewing courses, and business basics for youth.

At 24 years old, Coach Bri not only founded a nonprofit organization but opened two other companies in less than six months; Arose From Concrete (Clothing Brand) and Coach Bri Nichols (Consulting) to provide accountability coaching to assist individuals with starting and/or developing their business. Coach Bri has hosted several events through her companies, spanning from a back-to-school event known as “Look the Part for Remote Start”, a Christmas toy give-away and many more to support those in need.

Coach Bri’s mission is to teach individuals the necessary skills to withstand adversity while contributing to their community and upholding the dignity of those they serve. Coach Bri’s philosophy is, “You can’t guarantee instant success, but you can guarantee instant progress!” Overcoming trials beats failure, resiliency defeats fragility, and together we conquer adversities.