Dave Rogers

Massachusetts House
24th Middlesex
Result: Won

drogers Dave is a progressive Democrat from North Cambridge and was a first-time candidate for State Representative in the 24th Middlesex, including parts of Arlington and North Cambridge and all of Belmont. He has a lifelong commitment to public service and engagement with key public policy issues and before serving in the House, he worked at the EPA prosecuting polluters, at the White House on Hilary Clinton’s Task Force for Healthcare Reform, and for Eva Clayton, the first African-American legislator from the Carolinas since Reconstruction. For the past 15 years, he has been a lawyer here in Massachusetts, at a green technology company, a biotechnology company, and now an international manufacturing company that keeps their main plant and over 600 living wage jobs in the state. As a representative, Dave has backed legislation concerning school literacy, public health, and sustainability. Year endorsed: 2012

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