Hong Net

Facebook: Vote Hong Website: VoteHong.net *Rising Star Alumni in Good Standing* Hong Net is an immigrant to the United States in 1982 after escaping communist rule in Cambodia. After living in many places in Massachusetts he is now settled in Lynn with his wife and his children.   He has accomplished many things, he did international work overseas in Cambodia to improve the living standards of his native country and then return to the states where he would teach the importance of immigration and citizenship as a U.S Citizen.  He worked as a case manger helping to prevent gang crimes and gang recovery for vulnerable youth and substance recovery programs. He is now a Child Support Specialist at the Department of Revenue. He graduated from Holyoke Catholic High School and University of Amherst with a degree in political science.   He has many policy issues to help the city of Lynn be a more inclusive and vibrant community. He is committed to  strong public safety, to nurture and improve Lynn business community.  Promoting the city positive images and opportunities. A united city committed to inclusion and possibilities

Year Endorsed: 2017 and 2019