Mike Kelley

Website: VoteMikeKelley.com Facebook: @VoteMikeKelley Twitter: @VoteMikeKelley Donate: ActBlue/MIkeKelley Volunteer: VoteMikeKelley.com/#volunteer Mike Kelley is a longtime South Ender, public servant and startup founder running for District 2 City Council in Boston. He is a former member of the International Association of Machinists (IAM) Local 1726. He served as aide to former Mayor Tom Menino, as well as 2001 Mayoral Campaign Manager, and Directed the City of Boston’s Rental Housing Resource Center from 2002-2008. As an entrepreneur, he founded Hire Me Local, a startup dedicated to connecting local people to local services. He and his husband Ricardo currently reside in Bay Village. The working families of District 2 deserve a strong voice and tireless advocate on the City Council – someone with experience, understanding and commitment to getting the job done for them. I know the difference one person can make, something that drove my work in city government serving neighborhoods, city services and as liaison to the LGBTQ community. Helping others matters. Everyone deserves to feel respect, to feel welcome, and to have a chance to succeed. That’s something my hard-working family instilled in me at an early age, and something I carry with me in all aspects of my life. As a public servant, as an entrepreneur, and as your neighbor, I am proud of what we’ve built together, and want to take that spirit to work for you as your next District City Councilor. His polices that he supports, great public schools, accessible transportation and a huge supporter of human rights.  

Endorsed in 2017