Robert Case

Mass Alliance proudly endorses Robert Case into our rising star program. Committed to serving his community, Robert is pursuing a second attempt at City Councilor for District 5 in Framingham. 


As a father of three, Robert saw Framingham as a strong and diverse city and chose to root himself and his family there. Since becoming a resident, Robert has remained dedicated to bettering the city. He was elected to Town Meeting and Chair of Precinct 8 and is using his 12 years of experience in asset management to assist the city on their Ways and Means Committee. 


Robert has also been educated in the arts. He earned a master’s degree from the Boston Conservatory and has since served as an administrator for various non-profits promoting education and the arts. 


His diverse range of duties in Framingham exhibit his commitment to serving the community with vitality and diligence. He sees a tremendous amount of potential for the city and is determined to see that potential come to fruition. 



Candidate Won

Year Endorsed: 2019