Rudy Renaud

rudy renaud.jpg
Karen “Rudy” Renaud

Greenfield City Council-At-Large

64 Munson St.
Greenfield, MA 02126

Endorsed in 2015


Mass Alliance is proud to support Greenfield’s Rudy Renaud, current Precinct 7 Town Council Member and Town Council Vice President, for City Council At-Large in the 2015 municipality. Rudy’s deep understanding of and progressive vision for Greenfield is rooted in her ten years of experiences as a community organizer with the labor movement- currently, Rudy serves as the Organizing Director for SEIU Local 888.
Rudy was born and raised in Lowell Massachusetts before moving to Greenfield in 2005, where she now lives with her wife. Long-time community advocate, Rudy has used her position in Town Council since 2011 to fight for progressive values and diverse communities- including, through her work with SEIU Local 888 and her volunteering at the Warming Center, Service Net, and Big Brothers Big Sisters.
Rudy’s experience in labor organizing and in local LGBTQ activism has really complemented her legislative work, and she has demonstrated her commitment to progressive politics on multiple levels. Rudy knows what her constituents need from those who serve them and she is ready to represent folks whose voices are often missing from local legislature.