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Upcoming Trainings

There are no upcoming trainings currently scheduled.

Thank you for your interest in attending or hosting a Mass Alliance training.

These trainings are a key part of our broader strategy to cultivate a more progressive Massachusetts at both state and local government levels. Through educating budding activists and experienced community leaders on grassroots campaigning strategies, we aim to create a reservoir of progressive candidates and campaign staff to help us achieve success.

We offer different types of training modules for specific purposes. 


Grassroots Campaign Training

This intensive two-day training introduces future campaign leaders, activists, and candidates to the theory and practice behind successful grassroots campaigning.

Campaign workers with all levels of experience and potential candidates for any level of government and at any stage in the process (from curious to ready to take the plunge) are welcome.

Learn more about Grassroots Campaign Training.

Grassroots Advocacy Training

This weekend-long training is designed for local activists who want to learn how to successfully organize advocacy campaigns around their priority issues, and successfully lobby elected officials for their support. Attendees will learn a broad range of people, organizing, and campaign skills to add to their toolset.

Learn more about Grassroots Advocacy Training.

Trainings by Request

We can work with you to create custom-built training specific to your organization’s needs. In the past, we have presented mini-training sessions that break out skills from our campaign and advocacy trainings, as well as developed new areas of training to introduce and sharpen skills in emerging organizing strategies and tools.

Learn more about Trainings by Request.

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