Making the Legislature More Progressive

In every election cycle since Mass Alliance began work in 2006, we have successfully elected progressive candidates from across the Commonwealth. By mobilizing our members and the progressive community to support champions and provide direct support for their campaigns, we have ensured that each incoming class of legislators includes a majority of progressives.

Building Progressive Infrastructure

Throughout our history, we have continued to assess the base from which we build progressive power. We design programs to meet the needs of the progressive community and build a shared infrastructure to accomplish progressive public policy. Our campaign manager, candidate recruitment, leadership development and training work are all making the progressive community stronger.

We Get Results

  • “Running as a Dem, in a Republican district, it gave me credibility to have Mass Alliance endorse me, as well as good coaching for a political newbie, and help with canvassing. I was outspent in the special by 14 to 1 and this is the kind of support that helped me win.”

    State Rep Jim Hawkins
    2nd Bristol - Attleboro
  • “In regards to Mass Alliance; I would not be in my seat today if it were not for the endorsement and fieldwork which Mass Alliance provided for me. The training, staff, consulting, advice, and mentorship from Mass Alliance is what helped me not only become a better candidate but a much better State Representative!”

    State Rep Steve Ultrino
    23rd Middlesex - Malden
  • Thank you to Mass Alliance for providing the training and skills I needed to run and WIN a Boston City Council campaign! YAHOO!

    Gabriela Coletta
  • Attending Mass Alliance’s campaign training was probably the best decision I made as a candidate. Our team did everything we were instructed to do and know that we were victorious because of it.

    Rep. Jack Lewis
    Seventh Middlesex
  • The Mass Alliance training was one of the most inspiring and motivating weekends of my life – I think about it all the time, and I 100% credit our victory to what I learned that weekend.

    Ben Ewen-Campen
    Somerville Aldermen
  • I am proud to announce I have been named a Rising Star by Mass Alliance! Since 2006, Mass Alliance has been a powerhouse for political advocacy to build a progressive Massachusetts. They work tirelessly to improve voting rights, economic justice, healthcare and reproductive rights, and climate advocacy all across Massachusetts. I am so inspired by the…

    David Eppley
    Salem City Council, At Large
  • Hi Jordan and Becca, Just a note of thanks for the training I received in Worcester on March 11-12, 2017. The election for Brookline School Committee was May 2, 2017. We had 4 candidates for 3 seats and I topped the ticket!! I had lots of help including Max Parish, campaign manager, and my son,…

    Suzanne Federspiel
    Brookline School Committee 2017
  • “Having the support and endorsement of Mass Alliance means that I as a candidate or incumbent have support from a variety of organizations on a number of important issues. To have the Mass Alliance endorsement is a badge of honor I wear proudly. It’s one of those endorsements that help put people on the ground in your race. The network provided by Mass Alliance is critical to a winning campaign.”

    State Rep. Aaron Vega
    5th Hampden - Holyoke
  • I had never run for elected office before. Mass Alliance helped me plan and prepare to run with confidence and win. Even if you are planning to run years from now, starting to prepare today is important. Mass Alliance can help.

    Sen. Jason Lewis
    5th Middlesex
  • “Support that MassAlliance provided to push me to become a better fundraiser, provide expert advice on canvassing, keeping in contact with voters face-to-face, and talking about strategy and issues, was critical to me in campaigning.”

    State Rep. Christine Barber
  • No matter what role I am playing on a campaign, the campaign manager training has given me the knowledge and skills to understand and execute the type of campaigns that ensure progressives win.

    Krista Zalatores
    Campaign Manager
  • “I was thrilled to have earned the endorsement of Mass Alliance! I was a first-time candidate in a hotly contested race, so it really meant a lot. The endorsement was extremely helpful because it came with strategic advice and volunteers to help our campaign connect with voters. The power of a Mass Alliance endorsement is in its membership of progressive organizations, who are actively engaged in the fights to protect important issues facing our community.”

    Kim Janey
    Boston City Council District 4
  • Getting ready to run for office is a thrilling and challenging time. If there is anything I’ve learned from a successful campaign, it’s that you can’t do it alone. Mass Alliance will give you the best advice out there about how to run a successful campaign.

    Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz
    2nd Suffolk
  • “Mass Alliance’s support was vital for helping Salem vote to keep our Sanctuary City for Peace ordinance. Jordan and the staff helped the campaign with our messaging, organization, strategy, and volunteer recruitment – not to mention putting us in touch with other organizations and individuals who were passionate about our cause. Mass Alliance was a huge part of our winning coalition!”

    Tanya Stepasiuk - Campaign Manager for Ballot Initiative
    Salem - Ballot Initiative to Preserve Safe Communities
  • “I am thankful to Mass Alliance and other progressive groups for continuing to recognize me and being a resource. Mass Alliance has brought some exciting new progressive voices to the statehouse and there are great colleagues among them.”

    State Rep Mary Keefe
    15th Worcester - Worcester
  • “Mass Alliance’s endorsement helps draw together progressives to work more closely on important issues such as racial and economic equity. Mass Alliance offers the opportunity for people to see that they can make a difference on progressive issues at the local level. Mass Alliance’s endorsement helped bring progressives together to back my candidacy that helped secure two more progressive seats on the City Council.”

    Steve Winslow
    Malden At-Large City Council
  • “MassAlliance is trusted as a source of vetting for Progressive voters and activists. When busy volunteers and donors are looking for an efficient, values-driven way to decide which candidates to invest in any given election cycle, many look to MassAlliance for guidance. Having their endorsement helps earn you many activists’ attention, trust, and energy.”

    State Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz
  • “MassAlliance endorsement connected me to so many progressive activists and groups that were fighting for what I believe in.  The endorsement meant I had the resources and volunteers to win reelection numerous times and also build relationships with organizations that have made me a better legislator.”

    State Rep. Dan Donahue
  • “Not every endorsing organization provides boots on the ground. Having Mass Alliance “in the kitchen”, particularly in the days leading up to election day, was very helpful. Their physical presence in our campaign office and on the doors made a difference.”

    State Rep Andy Vargas
    3rd Essex - Haverhill
  • “Mass Alliance not only was instrumental in my election to the legislature, the organization’s work is essential to moving our Commonwealth forward. Mass Alliance trains candidates and volunteers on how to advocate for our shared values and to run successful campaigns, and I will forever be indebted for its ongoing support.”

    State Rep Jack Patrick Lewis
    7th Middlesex - Framingham
  • So excited to have had your support! I still can’t believe the margin. You made my GOTV game strong!

    Sabrina Heisey
    Dracut School Committee 2017
  • “As a first-time candidate challenging a well-connected incumbent, the training and endorsement we received from Mass Alliance were absolutely essential to the success of our campaign. Mass Alliance has also continued to help me connect with other progressive legislators across the state, to continue building our broad, people-powered movement for improving people’s lives in our state. Mass Alliance was indispensable in helping our campaign stay focused, energetic, and committed to winning on progressive values.”

    Ben Ewen-Campen
    Somerville - Alderperson
  • “The training helped me to keep a campaign structure simple, to work backyards, and helped me own my role as a campaign manager. After one campaign cycle and with the training under my belt, I made far fewer errors in the following campaigns and managed personalities, volunteers, and the candidates efficiently. And as a woman in this game, my time and money towards this training was well spent.”

    Meaghan Connors
    Campaign Manager
  • “Mass Alliance’s training was critical to my success in these elections.  The training does an excellent job breaking down what you need to do to win a grassroots campaign, and how to handle nuanced and difficult situations you will face on the campaign trail.”

    Matt Miller
    Campaign Manager
  • “Mass Alliance’s endorsement felt like recognition of my work on the grassroots level. Having this endorsement meant having a wealth of information and knowledge about good progressive policy at my fingertips throughout the campaign – and my first term as a representative. The folks at MassAlliance felt like my personal campaign advisers, and I was so grateful that they were always just a phone call away to offer sane, practical advice no matter what craziness came my way.”

    Lindsay Sabadosa
    State Rep Northampton
  • “The Mass Alliance training helped me understand the many dynamics of running a campaign, fundraising, creating and designing literature, and really having a sense of that critical number of votes one needs to win an election. The training  gave me the tools I needed to map out a strategic plan, build a team to manage the day-to-day operations of the campaign, and  ultimately win this election.”

    Yvone Spicer
    Framingham Mayor

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