Erika Uyterhoeven

Erika is running as a Candidate for State Representative of the 27th Middlesex District to fight for a government that works for the many, not the few. As an organizer, an antitrust economist, a democratic socialist, and a proud daughter of a single mother, Erika understands both the struggles working people face and the mechanisms by which corporations take control of our government to rig the rules in their favor.


Erika co-founded Act on Mass, a nonprofit dedicated to activating grassroots organizers and voters to hold the Massachusetts State House accountable on progressive issues. 


Last fall, Erika mobilized more than 1,000 Act on Mass members to successfully block a $37 million corporate tax break from being slipped into the budget. Erika believes voters deserve a government that is transparent and accessible to all, and will continue to fight tirelessly to ensure legislators put their constituents’ voices first.


Previously, Uyterhoeven was an antitrust economist and strategy consultant. In these roles, she analyzed the economic damage companies cause when they break the rules of the market—which are already rigged in their favor. Through her experience in the private sector, Erika has detailed knowledge of how corporations marginalize workers and control our government. 


This experience brought her to organize in local and national politics. She first served on the National Field Team for the Bernie Sanders 2016 campaign. Outraged by the inaction on the Safe Communities Act and by the lack of funding for public education, Erika worked on Nika Elugardo’s successful 2018 campaign to unseat the House Ways and Means chair.


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