Grassroots Advocacy Training

Campaign Advocacy Training

a photo of three volunteers sitting at a table of literature

No matter what role I am playing on a campaign, the campaign manager training has given me the knowledge and skills to understand and execute the type of campaigns that ensure progressives win.


This training is for activists, organizers, and those who want to learn how to lobby an elected official. During this training, you will learn how to:  

  • Prepare outreach initiatives like postcard drives
  • Draft and Submit Letters to the Editor preparation
  • Ensure how to get your legislator to hear you, how to effectively pressure a legislator

This is a weekend-long training. The curriculum for this training was originally developed by Mass Alliance’s first Executive Director, Georgia Hollister Isman, and has been refined through a continuous process of feedback from attendees over the years. 


For more information email: Vanessa Snow at [email protected]