Etel Haxhiaj

Etel Haxhiaj is a Mass Alliance 2021 Rising Star Alumni-in-Good-Standing Candidate for District 5 City Council, Worcester. 

Etel is running for District 5 City Councilor to help build stronger and more vibrant neighborhoods in our City. Neighborhoods that have a voice at City Hall, and in which everyone has the ability to thrive and benefit from economic opportunities. Her life journey has deepened her understanding of others’ suffering and strengthened her commitment to serve her community. As district city councilor, Etel will work hard so everyone has access to good jobs, quality education for our children, good housing and a healthy environment.

Etel’s life story is similar to the story of others who fled violence and poverty. She has called Worcester home since 2001, arriving as a young adult with her parents after fleeing Albania’s political upheaval. Worcester welcomed their family. As a new American with the opportunity to complete her undergraduate and graduate studies at Clark University, she has chosen a life of service, investing back in the City she calls home.

For the past sixteen years, Etel has mentored youth, served consumers in the Attorney General’s office, supported families in public housing and homeless shelters, and organized mothers to fight for a livable climate for all our children. As an advocate, she served on the City’s Community Development Block Grant Committee and has been a long-time board member of the YWCA of Central Massachusetts.

She is currently working as director of public education & advocacy at Central Massachusetts Housing Alliance. 

Year Endorsed: 2019