Lindsay Sabadosa

Lindsay Sabadosa is a Democrat running for State Representative for the 1st Hampshire District. She plans to protect the environment of the Pioneer Valley, support local businesses, advocate for students and teachers, and work to achieve paid family and sick leave for all.  In her own words,

“As a leader, I am focused on hearing the needs of our community and responding to the call for equity throughout our district. As a self-employed person, I recognize the struggles other entrepreneurs face. As a parent, I witness first-hand the importance of our schools and understand the difficulties our educators experience as they nurture our next generation on a far too limited budget. 
Our beloved State Representative Peter Kocot knew that Massachusetts could do better as a state. He saw our promise and potential. I am running for State Representative because I want to bring new energy, a fresh perspective, and a progressive vision to fulfilling Massachusetts’ promise.”


  •    What committees have you served on?

Joint Committee on Transportation, Election Laws, and Cannabis Policy. House Committee on Steering, Policy, and Oversight

  •   What legislation have you been excited to be involved with/pass?

I’m passionate about health care and the need to transition to a single-payer system as a key step on the path to ending inequality. The health care you receive should not be predicated by your wealth, which is what our current system does. I’m proud to be the lead House sponsor for the Massachusetts Medicare for All legislation, and I’m especially proud to have co-founded the very first Medicare for All caucus in the State House. Through the caucus, we are organizing in new ways to ensure that outside activists and advocates have a seat at the table. This means traveling the state to meet with different groups and talk about the legislation, but if the end result is that we someday have an affordable, accessible, quality single-payer health care system, it is entirely worth it.

  •          What did it mean to have Mass Alliance’s endorsement?

Mass Alliance’s endorsement felt like recognition of my work on the grassroots level. Too many people run as progressive because they think it will help get them votes, but having true progressive values means constantly standing up for people and issues that very few people even want to discuss. Having MassAlliance with me throughout the campaign was a wonderful reminder that I am not alone in these fights – even though the campaigns themselves can sometimes feel lonely – and that while all politics is local, when a group of progressive candidates all win in an election cycle, it can really help to shift policy and structural problems within our political system. 

•                  How did having the Mass Alliance endorsement help your victory?

Having this endorsement meant having a wealth of information and knowledge about good progressive policy at my fingertips throughout the campaign – and my first term as a representative. Both in terms of how to run a campaign to answer questions about complex policy issues, the folks at MassAlliance felt like my personal campaign advisers, and I was so grateful that they were always just a phone call away to offer sane, practical advice no matter what craziness came my way. Even though they said it a thousand times, their clear message of “It’s about real people with real problems and not the political elite” was a helpful reminder every single day of my campaign. 



Contact Information:

76 Gothic Street

Northampton, MA 01060


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Year Endorsed: 2018

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