Marilee Kenney Hunt

Massachusetts House
15th Worcester
Result: Loss

mhunt Marilee formerly worked in the executive branch of the Massachusetts state government, and is well known in her community for various service projects. A champion of women’s rights, Marilee successfully created a statewide court advocacy program called SAFEPLAN Massachusetts, as well as overseeing over $3 million annually in federal Violence Against Women Acts funding. She also helped to appropriately apportion the State’s $60 budget for domestic and sexual violence programs. As an active member of her community, Marilee passed the Community Preservation Act in 2005, using it to fund several projects including the development of new town sports fields, renovation of the town hall, improvements to the library, and preservation of several historic buildings. Most recently, Marilee served on the 2020 Town/University Committee as a member of the Downtown Revitalization sub-committee. Year endorsed: 2012

Hunt for State Rep