Marjorie Decker

Massachusetts House

25th Middlesex
Result: Won

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Marjorie Decker

Mass Alliance is proud to endorse Marjorie Decker as the Sate Representative for the 25th District of Middlesex. Marjorie Decker currently serves as the State Representative for the neighborhoods of West and North Cambridge, Riverside, Cambridgeport and mid-Cambridge for the City of Cambridge. In the House, Marjorie serves on the Health care Financing, Housing and Financial Services committees. She has worked on increasing job creation, making healthcare more affordable and expanding low-income housing. While in the House, she sponsored a number of bills including health education in schools, disability benefits, and labor laws for small businesses. She is also a strong advocate for early childhood education and environmental conservation.
Marjorie’s career in government has been marked by her commitment to both economic and social justice. She graduated from the Harvard Kennedy School with a concentration in Human Rights and Children. She then worked internationally with the United Nations International Association of Peace Messenger Cities on issues such as workers’ rights and refugees. Her experience working locally and abroad informed her commitment to civil rights and issues such as LGBT and women’s rights, the environment, and organized labor. Year endorsed: 2014

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