Mary Ann Stewart

Mary Ann Stewart is a Democrat running for State Representative in the 15th Middlesex District which contains Lexington and parts of Woburn. She has lived in Lexington for 24 years, raising her family and watching them go through the Lexington Public School system. She also served as an elected representative Town Meeting and was twice elected to the school committee. In 2014, she was been appointed to the Massachusetts Board of Education by Deval Patrick where she has fought for public education. She plans to continue this fight as a state representative. In her own words,


“Mary Ann is a principled thinker and practical do-er. Her commitment to the 15th Middlesex District and to the Commonwealth is evidenced in leadership roles she has taken on in service to Lexington and Massachusetts. She has logged countless hours pounding the pavement for workers’ rights and fair and adequate revenue, tirelessly meeting with parents and non-profit leaders, elected officials, and experts to hear their concerns, questions, and recommendations.


If elected, Mary Ann will strengthen the constituency base of power within the Progressive Caucus. Serving as our State Representative will allow Mary Ann to further extend her leadership on issues of critical importance to our families and our future.”


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Year Endorsed: 2018

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