Mary Keefe

Mary Keefe

15th Worcester

Mass Alliance congratulates Mary Keefe on winning re-election to the 15th Worcester District House Seat. With years of experience organizing her community and in the House authoring and championing numerous progressive bills, Mary has a proven record of enacting meaningful, progressive legislation.
A lifelong resident of Massachusetts, and originally from the town of Sutton, Mary has lived in downtown Worcester for close to thirty years. Neighborhood life and community work have been centric for Mary in her organizing work. She has been a longtime neighborhood leader and advocate for the importance of democracy and public life. Her affiliations include; founding member of Progressive Democrats of Massachusetts, Co-chair of Worcester Interfaith, board member of the Green Hill Park Coalition, and founding member of the Worcester Community Labor Coalition.
For the past 12 years, Mary Keefe has been the Executive Director of the Pleasant Street Neighborhood Network Center (PSNNC); a grass roots resident led organization that centers its work on issues that most concern working families, immigrants, business leaders, churches and institutions within the Piedmont area of the Worcester 15th District. Though the target area of the PSNNC is geographically specific, the work of the organization has had city-wide impact in terms of modeling solutions to inner city challenges such as lack of summer jobs for youth, youth violence and impact on families, isolation and lack of community, failing neighborhood schools, and gaps in public safety services.
Inspired by and committed to the practice of community organizing, Mary is excited for the chance to extend this work as State Representative and continuing to make a difference in the lives of her constituents.

Year Endorsed: 2016