Stephanie Burke

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Stephanie Burke

Mayor of Medford



Previously serving on Medford’s City Council for 16 years and ready to bring that fire back to local office, Stephanie Burke will use her progressive values to further the city of Medford as City Mayor. Stepanie currently serves as Medford’s Director of Personnel and Budget, and her background in finance has given her a deep understanding of what it means to develop a city’s economy with all of its residents’ needs in mind.
Stephanie is a life-long resident of Medford and she has experience as a local businesswoman. She has a vision for Medford as one of Greater Boston’s best places for economic development. Stephanie understands what families need from their representatives, and has a plan to create truly affordable housing and open public spaces for art. Stephanie knows that investing in infrastructure, clean air and water, and public schools all contributes to Medford’s overall public health.
Deeply committed to inclusion and diversity, Stephanie Muccini Burke will be a mayor who promotes and encourages the cultural competency of Medford’s community members, city government, and businesses. Mass Alliance was happy to endorse her for the 2015 election. She won the election, and Mass Alliance is excited to see where she goes and the progress she will create.Year endorsed: 2015