Stephen Fishman

Mass Alliance is proud to endorse Stephen Fishman who is running for Massachusetts State Representative of Worcester 11th. 


The issues that Stephen Fishman feels passionate about are: 


Protecting Women’s Bodily Autonomy, he is committed to protecting a woman’s right to make her own healthcare decisions and ensure access to contraceptive. 


Stephen Fishman believes that Massachusetts needs to support communities to maintain  and increase green space, stop the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure and support the development of renewable energy. Fishman stopped the West Bolyston Lateral Pipeline in 2017 and believes that the state needs to invest in the modernization of our transmission infrastructure. 


Fishman wants to properly fund Public Schools and increase diversity and believes that Massachusetts needs to fund universal pre-K and expand publicly funded higher education in order to make this a reality. 


Fishman believes in Worker’s Rights to Unionize and with the stagnation of wages, inflation, and the cost of living increasing, workers need the ability to unionize to collectively bargain for higher wages and better working conditions. 


Fishman believes that voting is the “cornerstone of our democracy”, and that we need to ensure that all eligible voters can vote, by establishing same-day voter registration, expanding early voting, and mail in ballots. He believes that Massachusetts must re-establish a civics education track in public school. 


Fishman knows that there are 800 unhoused veterans in Massachusetts, rents are skyrocketing destablaizing families, seniors, and the working class, and there is a lack in the inventory of affordable options with the media cost of a home being over $500,000 making buying a home for the average middle-class family  extremely difficult. 


Fishman is in support of small farms, including urban farms, co-ops, and other community-based organizations, and support universal free healthy school breakfast and lunch in order to combat food insecurity. 


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