Teresa English

Teresa English grew up in a working-class family in a rural town in Georgia. New England immediately felt like home, so she and her husband chose to settle in the town of Billerica.  They bought their first house on River Street and have two children in the public school system. Public service has always been important to Teresa, having grown up in a military family. From enlisting in the Air Force to teaching History at Lawrence High School, she continually seeks ways to better the world around her. 


Teresa was teaching high school history and was one of the first to catch COVID-19. When she fully recovered months later, she was dismayed to see local leaders advancing conspiracies regarding masks, vaccines, and whether kids are more harmed by being in school or at home; as if it was an either/or situation. With only passion and tenacity fueling her, Teresa ran a write-in campaign for State Representative and earned 45 percent of the general election votes.


The coalition Team English built in 2020 continues to grow and is committed to changing the status quo. Billerica deserves better and Teresa is running for State House, representing Massachusetts’ 22nd district, to ensure her town is no longer overlooked and disregarded on Beacon Hill. Teresa has many goals, if elected, including creating access to quality public education, ensuring government accountability and transparency, and establishing access to affordable healthcare.