Ben Ewen-Campen

Ben Ewen-Campen’s bid to represent Ward 3 was a part of a successful movement of electing socialists to the Somerville City Council. With Mass Alliance assisting Ben and other members of the Democratic Socialists of America with their campaigns, Ben was able to tailor his message of being a biologist to meet the moment in Somerville. Voters appreciated Ben’s data-driven approach to science and policy. Ben was able to prove that a strong progressive message is certainly not a liability; he beat an incumbent by securing 58% of his district’s vote and winning all three of his district’s precincts. Ben continues to lead on and off the council; in addition to supporting other DSA members in getting elected to local office, Ben is an advocate for housing without displacement and rights for tenants, civilian oversight of police, instituting a living wage for workers, public transportation and infrastructure improvement, and much more.