Christine Crean

My name is Christine Crean and I am running for State Senator for my district.


I’ve been a social worker for over 35 years. I have spent my career working to protect children and families in times of crisis through advocacy and empowerment. I have never considered running for an elected position. I am a mother, a wife and a “baba” to my three beautiful grandchildren that I enjoy spending my time with. However, when I see what is happening to our nation and our towns and communities I am concerned for the future of my children, my grandchildren, my town, and my communities. This is clearly a time of unprecedented chaos for all of us.

I am tired of career politicians who lose sight of why they are voted into office. The role of our government is to honor and serve the townspeople that they represent. Decisions are to be made in what’s in the best interest of the many, not the few. I have also spent my career as a union leader. I have negotiated contracts from both the workers side and management side. This has afforded me the opportunity to see needs from both perspectives and to come to agreements beneficial to all. I know how to work with people because I know that I first must listen. This allows me to better understand needs, be empathetic, and brainstorm to find solutions that will keep our communities safe, calm and steadfast as we negotiate these challenging times.

My promise to all of you: I will be your advocate and hear your concerns despite party affiliation and do the work to bring forth a voice on Beacon Hill for all of us. I humbly ask you for your write-in vote in the Democratic primary on September 1 and your vote on November 3.


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