Damali Vidot

Damali Vidot is running for State Representative for the 2nd Suffolk district. She is a mom, community activist, youth mentor, and Chelsea City Councilor, always shows up when times are hardest. Damali would be a representative that has been at the forefront of  change and uplifts and centers the needs of the most vulnerable people in our community. 

She believes that that clean, affordable, safe, and accessible housing is a human right guaranteed to all people. She also will advocate for the community’s right to clean air, water, soil and to be free from excessive noise, industrial, and sound pollution. She wants working people to benefit from the wealth they’ve created, and will make big corporations pay their fair share. She sees education as an inalienable right and worthy investment for the future, and will seek to bring her vision of change to her constituents. 

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Candidate won in 2017, lost in 2019

Year Endorsed: 2017 and 2019