Jynai McDonald

Website: www.McDonaldforSpringfield.com Election: Springfield City Council At-Large *Rising Stars Alumni in Good Standing* Born and raised in Springfield MA, Jynai McDonald is the mother of three children   She has holds a degree from Bay Path University, and is a regional manger of a non profit organization, an active member of the community and an active leader. Jynai is committed to the betterment of Springfield.   Her nonprofit work is an early example of her strong belief in public service and her commitment to the betterment of lives of people in the community, She sees a strong town with residents committed to one another, and that lives up to the ideals that make this community a welcoming place to live.   Her Polices and priorities are to enhance and promote greater programs for young kids and young adults, increase and support job creation and  job training, strengthen public schools and increase community policing and community safety.

Year Endorsed: 2017 and 2019