Denise Andrews


Massachusetts House
2nd Franklin
Result: Lost

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Denise Andrews
Mass Alliance is proud to have endorsed Denise Andrews in her run for the Massachusetts House of Representatives in the 2nd District of Franklin. Denise Andrews is an Orange native and is concerned about the current state of affairs of our community and country. Ms. Andrews has served as a collaborative and accountable leader for change across many communities. Some examples include improving the quality of governance, embracing global citizenship, excellence in leadership, initiatives for social progress and equal rights for all. She is also a guest lecturer at the State Department and various universities on leadership, mentoring, and improving performance across corporations and non-profit organizations. A long time active community partner, she has actively supported leaders for local, state, and federal governance, youth H development programs, fiscally responsible spending initiatives, economic development and citizen engagement. Denise Andrews is focused on prioritizing issues centered around Economic Growth, Educational Excellence, Renewable Resources, and building Vibrant and Thriving Communities. Year endorsed: 2014