Gerly Adrien

Gerly Adrien is a Mass Alliance Rising Star 2021 Candidate for Everett Mayor. 

Gerly Adrien is the first Black, Haitian-American female City Councilor At-Large for the City of Everett. She won on Tuesday, November 5, 2019, beating out two incumbents. Gerly is a Christian business owner who’s compassionate about people and service. She believes that the best way to serve her community is by strenghtening the public school system and improving the economy in Everett. As as small business owner, Gerly knows the hardships that come from owning a business and will work hard to make sure small businesses can thrive and generate employment in Everett.

Since becoming a City Councilor in Everett, Gerly has had more than 45 resolutions introduced and she has worked on almost 4,000 constituent cases. She has also ensured the quality of vitual learning across the Everett public school system during the pandemic and worked to improve the policies and training methods of the Everett Police Department. Without a doubt, Gerly’s commitment to serving the public, as well as her past accomplishments make her the best candidate for mayor.