Barry Sanders

Barry Sanders is a 2021 Mass Alliance Rising Star Alumni-in-Good-Standing for Taunton City Council. 

Website: Facebook: BarrySanders4Taunton Twitter: @BarryByTheFire

Barry Sanders is the eldest son of the late Barry J. Sanders and Jeannette Sanders. His sister, Karen, is a project manager and his brother, Ryan, is a SICU nurse. Barry is married to Kristie (Downey) Sanders who is a teacher in Taunton Public Schools. They have 2 children, Matthew and Jennifer. Both are graduates of Taunton High School. Matt played TYSL and high school soccer while Jenn sang in school choruses and at church. Barry has worked as a social worker in the Greater Taunton area and southeastern Massachusetts for almost 30 years, focusing on child welfare, domestic violence, substance use disorder, poverty and mental health. Barry has been involved in many volunteer opportunities in the city including coaching youth soccer, hosting the Silver City Meetinghouse radio program (which won an award for coverage of education issues), lay leadership at First Parish Church in Taunton, working with the Taunton Opiate Task Force, Learn To Cope and the Taunton Nursing Home as well as lending support to many other charitable efforts and community events in the city.

Year Endorsed:  2017 and 2019