Heather May

Mass Alliance is proud to endorse Heather May into our rising star program. Heather is running for City Council Ward 2 in Waltham and is prepared to bring progressive ideas to the forefront of Waltham politics. 

Heather grew up in a politically active family; her grandfather was a rural community leader on problems concerning access to healthcare and her father advocated in Washington D.C. for those same issues. She was raised believing in the impact one has on their community and the importance of togetherness. Heather served on Progressive Waltham’s steering committee and is currently on the Democratic City Committee. 

Her son attends a local Waltham elementary school where Heather and her husband are active classroom parents. Her first-hand experience with the public school system is a driving force of her beliefs regarding improving education infrastructure across the city. 

Her vision to improve education in Waltham is paired with her commitment to addressing climate change. She supports the vision to renovate Waltham’s public high school to become a zero net energy school. Energy is one of the school system’s highest costs and Heather would rather see that money go towards programs for at-risk students, innovative curricula and new technology. 

Heather also believes that affordable housing is a human right and the crisis happening around the greater Boston area needs to be addressed. Some viable solutions she is willing to explore include inclusive zoning and real estate transfer taxes. 

Heather’s appointment to City Council would incorporate a passionate advocate of progressive solutions to the problems the city of Waltham faces.

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