Jamie Eldridge

Jamie Eldridge

Middlesex and Worcester

Mass Alliance congratulates Jamie Eldridge on his re-election to the Middlesex and Worcester Senate seat. With years of experience in the House and the Senate authoring and championing numerous progressive bills, Jamie has built a legacy of enacting meaningful, progressive legislation.
We were proud to endorse Jamie Eldridge for the State Senate because of his ceaseless support of progressive ideals and his track record of enacting effective legislation.

Endorsed by Mass Alliance: 2014, 2016, 2018

State Senator Jamie Eldridge has served as State Senator for the Middlesex and Worcester district since January 2009. Previously, Jamie served as State Representative for the 37th Middlesex district, after being elected the only Clean Elections candidate to public office in Massachusetts history in November 2002. Jamie is known for his leadership and independence on behalf of his constituents, which was illustrated in the very first vote he took after being sworn in –voting against Tom Finneran as Speaker of the House. Since then, Jamie has focused his energies in the House and in the Senate on enhancing public education, stimulating the economy, promoting campaign and ethics reform, protecting the environment, improving public safety, expanding access to health care, and improving public transportation.


Contact Information:

Email- [email protected] or [email protected] 

Phone- 978-206-2242


Volunteer Sign-up Pagehttp://www.jamieeldridge.com/volunteer/ 



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Year Endorsed: 2018

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