Matt Crescenzo

Matt Crescenzo is a progressive Democrat running for State Representative in the 9th Essex district, which is includes parts of Wakefield, Saugus and Lynn. Matt has always been committed to the ideals and spirit of public service. After high school, he felt the call to serve his community and country and made the decision to join the Army. Matt was stationed in South Korea, as well as deployed to Afghanistan where he acted as a security officer to visiting dignitaries and high ranking Army leadership. After the military, Matt decided it was time to make his life in his hometown. Born and raised in Saugus, Matt is a graduate of Saugus High and attends Salem State University. Matt saw that his district needed true leadership– leadership that this district has been lacking.

Matt is running for State Representative to make the government more responsive to the residents of District 9 Essex. He wants to create a better government, one that understands that workers who put in a 40 hour work week are entitled to a living wage. That we need to do more to combat the opioid epidemic. That a single mother and her child shouldn’t be condemned to a life of poverty and that opportunity should never be taken away from someone before they’re even too old to realize it. If elected, Matt pledges to make District 9 a better place for all.

Matt’s main issue areas are focusing on mitigating the effects of climate change,  to prioritize fixing our current infrastructure, addressing the opioid epidemic, and providing veterans with the best care possible once they are back home.


Contact Information: 

Address- 15 Viking Road

                   Saugus, MA


Phone- 781-484-2407

Email- [email protected]



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Year Endorsed: 2018

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