Lezlie Braxton Campbell

Mass Alliance is excited to name Lezlie Braxton Campbell as a 2021 Rising Star for Springfield City Council Ward 3. 

Lezlie Braxton Campbell (LBC) was born and raised in Springfield by his mother, a single parent. He attended the Springfield Renaissance School and is a graduate of Springfield Public Schools, where he is now a third-year educator and a proud advocate for his students. He became a teacher to learn the inequities of public education firsthand before tackling policy. Other policy areas of his interest include LGBTQ+ advocacy, poverty alleviation, housing, and criminal justice reform (focusing on juvenile justice and policing).

Lezlie began doing advocacy work in high school and continued throughout college and in his adult life. He is very passionate about politics and community change. He volunteered on his first campaign with his mother in elementary school and engaged with the political process before he could even vote. Lezlie found his home for community work at Neighbor to Neighbor(N2N) and has been a member for several years where he is now a Board member. Through N2N, he has been able to work on Springfield issues including housing, environmental justice, and police accountability.

Lezlie also holds roles in multiple local, state, and national Democratic organizations. He currently serves as the President of Young Democrats of Massachusetts and is on the Board of Directors of Bay State Stonewall Democrats. He is a member of the Democratic State Committee, Ward 3 Democratic Committee, and Young Democrats of America National Committee.

Lezlie is running for City Council to be a champion for change and advocate for his community by passing policies that benefit the underserved and disadvantaged. There is a need for a strong leader in ward 3, and Lezlie is stepping up to the plate. Everyone in Springfield deserves a seat at the table, and Lezlie will ensure that happens.