Nate Bae Kupel

Mass Alliance is excited to name Nate Bae Kupel as a Rising Star for 2021 for Malden City Council Ward 8.

Nate Bae Kupel lives in the Highland Village area with his wife QJ and his cat Cookie Dough. Five years ago, they made the decision to plant their roots in Malden and make this city home. However, Nate’s story starts in Korea where he was born. As an infant he was adopted and grew up in a small town in Maine where there were few people who looked like him. Twelve years ago he was reunited with his birth mother. The experience of finally seeing someone who looked like him was like looking in the mirror for the first time. It was so powerful that it shaped and motivated him to devote his life’s work to helping others.

Nate has had the privilege of being able to attend college — even graduate school — and serve as President and Board member for a number of nonprofit organizations, fighting for issues such as higher education access and affordability, youth empowerment and job training, clinical social work, healthcare access for vulnerable communities, and leadership development. In 2019, he was appointed by the Massachusetts Attorney General, Maura Healey, to serve as a Commissioner for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Asian American Commission where he continue to serve as an advocate for the needs of Asian American residents in our state.

Nate and his wife love Ward 8 and want to make their neighborhoods safe, equitable, clean, and green for our children, families, and all residents. He cares about strengthening the communities through education, public transportation, and helping to improve and increase communication, trust, and accountability between local government and residents. He would be honored to serve this ward as your City Councillor and hopes that he can earn your trust and support.