Patrick Leahy


Massachusetts Senate
Second Hampden and Hampshire
Result: Lost

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Patrick Leahy
Mass Alliance is proud to have endorsed Patrick Leahy in his campaign for the State Senate. Patrick was born and raised in Holyoke, Massachusetts and currently lives there with his wife and daughter Diane. Patrick is a decorated Holyoke Police Officer who serves as a member of the Churchill Community Police Unit. Patrick received top awards in his academy class and over the past ten years he has been an exemplary officer and leader within both the community and his police department. Patrick has been invited by local schools to speak about anti-bullying and other issues facing children and young adults. In addition to serving as a Community and Neighborhood Police Officer, Patrick, along with Melissa, serve as members of the Holyoke Public Library Board of Directors and the Holyoke Children’s Museum. During Patrick’s career, he has worked directly to stop corruption and fraud in State Government in the State Treasurer’s office in Boston. He has worked hand in hand with small businesses to strengthen their bottom line and provide benefits to their employees, and has built collaborations with stakeholders in his districts poorest communities. Patrick wants to help better his community and make it a place where families can be raised. Year endorsed: 2014

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