Samantha Perlman

Samantha Perlman is a 2021 Mass Alliance Rising Star Alumni-in-Good-Standing Candidate for Marlborough City Council At-Large.

Mass Alliance is excited to endorse Samantha Perlman, who is running for Marlborough City Councilor At-Large, for its rising star program. As a lifelong resident of the city, Sam views elected office as a continuation of the work she has invested in the community that raised her. 

Since her days at Marlborough High School, Sam has sought every opportunity possible to help those in need. She spent five years working at New Horizons assisted living community throughout high school and college, giving her exposure to the hopes of Marlborough’s older residents and instilling in her the value of hard work. She participated in youth coalitions firsthand while studying abroad in South Africa, as students critically called for equity on campus and showed the power of collective action. 

Her current work at Generation Citizen, a civic education nonprofit in Boston that engages young people in local government, allows her to work on civic engagement on a daily basis. Whether it was helping the Obama Foundation train 150 young people on civic engagement in Boston or successfully advocating for passage of the MA Civics Bill to ensure quality and experiential civic education, Sam is invested in preparing the next generation of leaders. Now, she is running for City Council to become a leader herself. Her priority is supporting what she calls the “mosaic within Marlborough”: providing after school programs, strengthening elderly service, revitalizing downtown while maintaining the city’s rich history, and more.


Candidate Won

Year Endorsed: 2019