Timmy Sullivan

Timmy is a community organizer, a non-profit leader, and a life-long Burlington resident running for State Representative in Bedford, Burlington, and Lexington Precinct 6. 

Timmy was born-and-raised in Burlington. He went through this public school system, and then onto public college at UMass. His mom worked as a school nurse in the Burlington public schools for nearly a decade, while raising him and his three brothers. His younger brother Danny is a small business owner in town, so his family deeply appreciates the opportunity afforded to families here. This district is his community and Timmy hopes to represent it with the same passion and support that it has lent to him.

Since his time at college Timmy has been a bold advocate for progressive social change. He represented 22,000 students as President of the Student Government Association after being elected twice on a slate of issues that prioritized food security, racial justice, economic equity and immediate solutions to the global climate crisis. By working with several people across the campus community, he won a cheaper meal plan for students, and put UMass on track for a 100% renewable energy by 2032!

Outside of student governance, Timmy was also a fierce organizer and advocate. He worked with several campus groups to make UMass a more just and equitable community. He has always believed that policies must be bold, transformative and most importantly, people-powered. For this reason, Timmy interned for Senator Elizabeth Warren in D.C., and helped with constituent services. He also researched excessive CEO pay in the pharmaceutical industry, and compiled survey data that went into a report on gun violence in schools and the need for greater mental health support. 

At age 22, Timmy became the Executive Director of PHENOM – the Public Higher Education Network of Massachusetts, a state-wide advocacy organization dedicated to making sure everyone has the right to an education. Timmy’s own experience with public college debt, combined with the experiences of several others across the Commonwealth affirmed his commitment to fight for a debt-free education for all members of Massachusetts. Timmy is trained in grassroots organizing by the Midwest Academy for Social Change and the United States Student Association. With PHENOM, he supported student organizers from various public campuses across the state in our collective goal for an affordable higher education.

Timmy’s policies are driven by his own lived experiences and those of the several diverse citizens in this state. It isn’t easy to affect change, especially in this polarizing political environment. But Timmy has experience pulling people together towards shared goals and knows that we can accomplish extraordinary things for our community.

He loves where he grew up and he clearly sees that there are a lot of challenges facing families in this district right now. So now, with your vote, he will bring transformative leadership to the State House and together, we will make Massachusetts a more affordable, equitable, and safe home for all of us