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November 7: Mass Alliance Candidates win across the Commonwealth
Mass Alliance successfully defended Rep. Cleon Turner (1st Barnstable) when many thought he would be defeated. We helped Steve D'Amico, Willie Mae Allen, Sarah Peake, Allen McCarthy, Will Brownsberger, and Pam Richardson best their opponents.

September 19: Progressives win unexpected Primary victories
Mass Alliance helps Steve D'Amico and Willie Mae Allen win surprising and decisive elections, by providing organization, fundraising and message assistance and mobilizing and coordinating the work of our member organizations. We also mobilized support to successfully defend Rep. Mark Falzone.

July 2: Mass Alliance Announces List of Endorsed Candidates
By examining votes of incumbents and conducting interviews with challengers and candidates for open seats on all the issues in the broad progressive agenda, Mass Alliance chooses progressive champions to support from the Berkshires to the heart of Boston.

May 12: Sierra Club, Massachusetts Chapter, joins Mass Alliance
Sierra Club advocates for environmental protection including reducing pollution, protecting park land, promoting public transportation, and addressing climate change. They have twenty-five thousand members in Massachusetts.

April 19: Coalition for Social Justice joins Mass Alliance
Coalition for Social Justice works on working family issues including affordable housing, childcare, job training, and a fair tax system. They have particular expertise in grassroots elections and a strong base in South Eastern Massachusetts.

March 1: Mass Alliance office opens
With an new office and director Mass Alliance dives right into the campaign season and work to expand and strengthen the coalition.