Khrystian King

*Rising Star Alumni in Good Standing*

Facebook: Khrystian King City Councillor A Community member of  Worcester and a first generation College graduate from Wheaton College and a Master Degree from  Simmons College. His polices goals to improve the community of Worcester are Better schools, Safer Communities, Strong Family supporting jobs. As candidate and if elected he will champion these three most important polices to him and he believes these will make a great community a even better community to live and play in. He will be there for the people of his community, he envision a great and connected vibrant community. He will support the state wide push for a higher wage pay and earned sick time for families. He will push for updates public facilities that the public can use and enjoy. He will bring greater funding for public schools and promote quality driven schools to provide the best education for the students of the schools. He sees a better community and believes that with his candidacy he can offer and work with other leaders to bring positive results to people lives and a change that they will notice.  

Endorsed in 2017

Result: won