Matthew Castriotta

Massachusetts House

5th Worcester
Result: Lost

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Matthew Castriotta

Mass Alliance is proud to have endorsed Matt Castriotta in his run for Massachusetts House of Representatives in the 5th district of Worcester. Matt Castriotta started his career as an entrepreneur, having started two small businesses as a college student. The first was a discounted video service at the advent of VCRs. The second was a painting company that employed several of his fellow students. After working in sales for several years, he returned to school to become a teacher following a life threatening illness.
Matt never lost his entrepreneurial spirit and created the startup CrunchTime in 1994. CrunchTime provided healthy and sustainable snacks for kids while partnering with conservation organizations to educate kids about environmental issues. Matt has also worked as a selectman for the town of Hubbardston for the past fifteen years. In this position, he endeavored to improve all aspects of local government for residents. His served as a leader in introducing the town website back in the early 2000s, enabling residents to access many town services online. Year endorsed: 2014

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